Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sixty Six

Sixty Six

From what I understand about Jewish culture, a boy's Bar Mitzvah is a big deal. Well in the film Sixty Six, 12-year-old Bernie is planning on having a bash for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. He believes that this is what he needs to turn his dull childhood around. After all, his dad has a bizarre obsessive compulsive disorder, his mom doesn’t have much time for him, and his older brother is constantly bullying him around. So he really is counting on this event to make him a man. In his own words, he wants to have “the Jesus Christ of all Bar Mitzvahs!” The problem is that this is the summer of 1966, and England is about to go to the World Cup. And if they do make it, no one will show up at his event since all of England will be watching the championship. Made by the creators of Four Weddings and a Funeral, this film is a hilarious take on a boy’s coming of age. It stars Helena Bonham Carter, Stephen Rea, and Gregg Sulkin who steals the show as Bernie. Sixty Six is coming to theaters in New York on August 1st and spreading out through the month. If you get a chance to see this in your area, I recommend checking it out. If you do, get ready to laugh a lot.

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