Friday, July 11, 2008

Jumper (DVD)


Despite what a lot of people had to say about Jumper, I enjoyed it. This film that stars Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson is about a “Jumper” named David. A jumper is someone who has the capability to teleport anywhere they want. As a teenager, David finds out that he has this gift, and as he grows up, he uses it to travel all over the world. He can go from Egypt to London and back to New York in less than 10 seconds. As he grows up, he eventually realizes that he needs some cash. Well when you are a Jumper, you can literally teleport into a bank’s vault and bring back sacks of money into your home in seconds. So David goes back and forth “borrowing” money from these banks without anyone knowing his secret. However, when word gets to Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) who is a “Paladin”, he knows exactly what David is up to. The Paladins are an elite group that hunts Jumpers for a living. And now it looks like David is the next target. What follows is an intense chase around the world, with David being the hunted. The concept for this film is very cool. Seeing the characters teleport to places like Rome and Egypt and other parts of the world made the film more interesting. The only issue I had was that the film seemed to wrap up too quickly at the end. I wish they made the conflict a little bit longer. Despite my issue with the ending, it was an enjoyable film. Hopefully, they will make a sequel that continues to follow David’s life as a "Jumper".

Jumper is out now on DVD.

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Dead Pan said...

Hey man,

I like the blog. I don't really agree about Jumper though. To me it seemed to not have enough consequence. So Hayden Christenson's character does whatever he wants and gets away with it? It just seemed really shallow.

I however, understand your opinion. I was pretty excited for the film but was hugely let down.

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