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Lately I've had a fear of what I call "the unique becoming the norm". Let me explain. You know when you have something that you cherish for being original, whether it's a CD, an outfit, etc...? And you come to find out what you thought was so original is also owned by a million other people. So much for being original, right? It happens with fashion. You notice a certain style that's catchy and unique, and you think only a few people know about it. Then you come to find out everyone is wearing the same clothes. Well that's "the unique becoming the norm". I see it all the time here in New York. What was original 5 years ago, is now worn by everyone on the street, making tons of clones walking through Manhattan. I hate it, don't you? Well, as excited as I am at the new bands that are pushing musical boundaries and going against what's "the norm", I fear that a thousand other bands are waiting in line to jump on the bandwagon, making the music common. Only time will tell. So what does that have to do with Jonezetta's album Popularity? I'm getting to that. Well, I found out about this new band Jonezetta when I saw they were touring with Mutemath. I read about them and heard people comparing them to The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and bands like that. So I was a little skeptical, yet hopeful, that they wouldn't be a copycat band. I have to say this album grew on me. The melodies are catchy and the lyrics are witty. Ironically, Jonezetta seems to feel the same way I do about what's popular, in their track Popularity. Check out these lyrics.

They got the raddest hooks
They got the dopest looks
And when they're misunderstood it's even better
And they all agree
The future ends with me
On their computer screens
Like they even...
Matter to the words we sing
Or feel apart in our melodies
If all you have is yourself, you're never going to need anyone else

Popularity- Do you think it's scary?
Everybody's talking with their own opinion
Popularity- It's a lot to carry
I'll fall asleep to you screaming in my brain

The album is filled with lyrics like that, and the music providing the background to the songs are a combination of rock, synth-pop, and funk. With a combination like that, Jonezetta makes a nice entrance for themselves in the music scene.

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Anonymous said...

It is something special and amazing to see something new and unique being brought into the world. It blesses us. I love when I write something and I don't feel like I "created it." I feel like I channeled something that already existed into this reality. This is such an incredible feeling. When people copy things, trying to recreate and re-experience a piece of that feeling, it just isn't the same and it steels a little glory and thunder from the original. Something handcrafted becomes manufactured. I have always hated that for this reason.