Friday, December 15, 2006

Standing On Clovers

Ghosts On The Radio
"Standing On Clovers"

Remember those Bounty paper towel commercials? The ones that compared Bounty to the other paper towel brands? Remember how they showed two pictures, one of how Bounty absorbs an entire spill while the other brand leaves the mess behind? Well take that image of Bounty absorbing the spill, and you can equate that to how the band Ghosts On The Radio absorbs all their musical influences, without leaving a mess behind for their listeners. On their album Standing On Clovers, they create a slick sound, at times sounding like AFI, Depeche Mode, and various new-wave artists, without ripping off the bands' sounds. With all of those influences, they're still able to maintain originality. I found out about this band when I noticed they were doing a show with Kevin Max at the Viper Room in LA. I'm glad I checked them out. With Standing On Clovers, there's no big record label putting out their CD. Having said that, it shows the work these guys did to create a unique sounding debut album. Anyone willing to listen will find potential written all over their music.


Anonymous said...

Good review, Gordon. There's a real richness in their rawness.

Glad to see folks are recognizing these guys. They're good.

Society's Elite said...

Thanks Jeff. So how did you know about these guys?

Anonymous said...

iTunes. They got some nice reviews.

Here's some other cool finds:

The Elms: "The Chess Hotel"
Downhere: "Wide-Eyed & Mystified"
Edison Glass: "A Burn or a Shiver"
Family Force 5: "Business Up Front/Party in the Back" (very funky)

Society's Elite said...

You know, I came across Family Force 5 back in 2005 with the track "Kountry Gentleman". Very funky indeed. I also really like the song "Love Addict" by them. I have Downhere's 1st album "So much for substitutes". The lead singer sounds a little like Kevin Max. Speking of K-Max. Did you ever get to listen to his album "The Imposter"? He stretches the creative boundaries on that one. That's one of my favorite albums. I really think he's one of the best (and underrated) vocalists in the industry. Be on the lookout for a new project he's doing with a band "Black Cat" coming up in '07. I'm pretty stoked about it.

Click here and here for more details on K-Max and Black Cat.

One thing for sure. He's definitely not "that guy from DC Talk" anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

You're right about that. I hope they never do another DC Talk CD. That would be difficult, i think.

KMax always had the coolest voice in the group. And his tendency toward Brit-pop, along with the mystique he portrays reminds me of "that guy from U2" (circa "The Joshua Tree" years).

He's definitely cool. I've enjoyed "The Imposter". I also like the haunting, Sting-like Christmas carols of his "Holy Night" CD.

Hopefully, Black Cat will help him lose that DCTalk, pretty boy image.

Personally, I think he needs get as far away from "christian" music as possible, explore his more alternative side, and get a fresh start.

Anonymous said...

You're right he does sound like Kevin Max. They do remind me of new wave...haven't heard that word in forever. I like what I heard so far.

Cynthia said...

There is no doubt this band is an amzing element in the music world today. Eloquent lyrics blended with rhapsodies of fluid chords leave the listener yearning for more. Excellent Choice.

rubyhasblueyes said...

Thank you for saying what I've been saying since I discovered Ghosts on the Radio! I think my exact words were 'While the band's musical influences such as Depeche Mode are evident, the sound remains uniquely their own.' (senor of those iTunes reviews was mine) The songwriting is as masterful and powerful as the vocals and the music.

angel said...

Good review! I like the Bounty commercial analogy. Its so true!

angel said...

Good review! I like the Bounty commercial analogy. Its so true!