Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Queen's Greatest Hits

"Queen's Greatest Hits"

I have to admit, I am not into '70's rock music so much. The only time I listened to it growing up was when my dad or someone else played it in the car, at parties, etc. I was more into 80's and 90's music, since those were the decades I grew up in. But something was different about Queen. Was it Freddie Mercury's opera/rock star vocals? The way the band harmonized in their choruses? Or was it because of the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in Wayne's World? Maybe all of the above, I really don't know. One thing I can say is, after listening to Queen's Greatest Hits, I have moved from casual listener to a complete fan of their music. These guys weren't kidding when they proclaimed "we will rock you". If you aren't blown away by Freddie Mercury's voice belting out Another One Bites The Dust, then you probably aren't listening good enough. Other than the obvious hits like Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champions, I found so much more about them on here. I really came to appreciate their music and how timeless and radical it is. Radical in the sense that you could see how they were ahead of their time by making songs that would eventually inspire many more great rock bands. An added bonus on this album is to hear the live version of the Queen/David Bowie song Under Pressure performed by them. Lyrically, you could see the cries of desperation by Freddie on tracks like Somebody To Love. On it, he sings, "Can anybody find me, somebody to love?" That's something we all have cried before. I'm also reminded each time I play their songs of Freddie's tragic death from AIDS. It really breaks my heart he had to go that way, along with many others that suffer with it too. Thankfully, his contribution to the music world is not gone.

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