Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance
"The Black Parade"

My Chemical Romance's first album was a great entry for them into the music industry. As good as it was, the album specifically fit into the emo/rock genre. For me, what separated them from most other emo bands, was the passion and energy in their music. Oh, and they're from my home state of NJ too. So I guess there is a little bias there. Anyway, their second album The Black Parade sends out a message that this band that will be around for some time. I noticed that some bands mature with each album they put out. As you listen to each new release, you can see where the band matured a bit. Well with The Black Parade, it feels like MCR matured a lot quicker than most. In fact, it seems like they're a totally different band. They really came come out and flexed their skills this time to show they're serious about doing this thing called music. This album is a theatrical experience, not just mere "entertainment". There's a strong 70's rock influence on it, but they also add their own touch. Not only do they mature with their sound, but in the songwriting too. If you listen closely, you'll hear songs that explore themes of life and death. After listening, you can't help but be reminded that we're all gonna die. I know, it sounds morbid. But it's reality. Through the songs, there's the reality of the pain and suffering that comes when someone dies, but there's also a cry out for hope and understanding. This album, as great as the music as, reminds me how short life is, and to remember what's really important. MCR still rocks hard, no question about it. And at the same time, they hit us with a dose of reality.

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