Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dub Trio

Another Sound Is Dying
Dub Trio

Yesterday, an album was released. The name of the band? Dub Trio. Who are they? A band from Brooklyn. Is it an album worth checking out? Absolutely. Why? Well I thought you'd never ask.

It seems these days that everyone is trying to do something "different". In fact there's so many people trying to make music that sounds "different", that it has become the norm. So what's been deemed as "normal" in the past is really what's "different" now. You following along? Good. So anyway, about Dub Trio. Defying conventional rules on how a typical album should be, these guys really jam to create mind-bending sounds. And man, they could jam! They do it by throwing different musical styles in a blender and cranking it on high until the shit starts flying everywhere. As the title says "Another Sound Is Dying". And before rebirth, there has to be some sort of death. Well what "dies" with this band is music that's predictable. And what gets "resurrected" is a sonic experiment that'll blow your mind.

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