Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Stop for a moment and try to imagine hearing the following news.

The sun is about to burn out.

Pretty scary thought. What would the consequences be? Can we do anything about it?

Sunshine explores this wild scenario. In the year 2057, a team is sent on a mission to revive the dying sun. Mankind's only hope lies in the hands of this crew. While on the way to complete their mission, they hit a "bump in the road", so to speak. Without revealing any spoilers, let's just say something happens which slightly alters their route, and presents a MAJOR conflict for them. Just as you would expect from director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later), in Sunshine he creates a thought provoking and thrilling ride to the sun. Again, Mr. Boyle deals with the possibility of human extinction in his films, just like 28 Days Later. Except this time we're not dealing with zombie-like beings. This time it's do or die as the crew has to complete their mission and save humanity by reviving the sun. As you can imagine, this film carries much tension to go along with the journey. And that tension is acted out perfectly by the actors chosen such as Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, and Chris Evans. The special effects are amazing as they portray realistically how a journey to the sun would be like. This film also tackles a lot of issues. For example, when decisions are being made for the greater good, at whose expense do we try and accomplish it? And how can you deal with extreme guilt after you've made a mistake that has severe consequences?

This movie will open your eyes, play with your emotions, and have you holding your breath during the climatic ending.

The DVD is out today (1/8/2008), and I highly recommend it. The DVD contains enough extras to keep you busy for a week. And the movie itself is good enough to have you thinking about it for days.

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