Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reset EP

Reset EP
Mute Math

I'm gonna take you back on this one...

Before the reputation for putting on electrifying live shows, before the video for Typical on MTV or the live performance done backwards on Jimmy Kimmel, there was the Reset EP. Technically, this was Mute Math's first "official" CD put out by Word Records, before the infamous lawsuit. After the smoke cleared from the legal issues, their self titled debut album Mute Math was released under Warner Bros. But up until then, all fans could get their hands on was this EP. If you had it, you would have already known some of the songs like Control, Reset, and Plan B by the time the debut album was released.

If you just stumbled upon this band after hearing a buzz about their shows, or from the Jimmy Kimmel performance, then there's some tracks on here that you probably haven't heard. If, by chance you went to a recent concert of theirs, you might have heard them play Peculiar People. As to why this didn't make it on their debut album, I have no idea. This reggae influenced track is one of the highlights of the band's song catalog so far. And the only CD you can get it on is this EP. Also, another little gem you can only find here is the track Progress. To sum it up, if you just found out about this band and like what you heard, this EP takes you back to when the buzz started to form about this band called Mute Math.

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Mud Puppy said...

I've heard that Peculiar People was going to make the second album. But I also heard it wasn't.

I expect to get some of the best of Reset on the next album to help fill it out regardless.