Monday, October 20, 2008

Sex and the City (DVD)

Sex And The City was one of those shows that was real good after the first few seasons, and then ran out of ideas. I mean, how many times can you keep running around the same cycle of “Carrie hooks up with Mr. Big/ gets dogged by him/ goes and finds another boyfriend only to realize she still loves Big/ hooks back up with him/ gets dogged again/ and so on and so on? That’s not to say the show wasn’t funny. It was hilarious when it was at its best. However, I think they just ran out of juice to keep the show running. Anyway, this past year we got to see Sex And The City brought to the big screen. I didn’t read any reviews, so I'm not aware of what’s been said about it, nor do I really care. I just watched the DVD version and it felt like a very long final episode. That’s not a bad thing either. It had its hilarious moments and found a way to bring in some drama. Anyone who’s been burnt in a relationship before can relate to Carrie’s pain during the middle of the film. A lot of the scenarios in the film are predictable if you’re familiar with the history of the show. However, there’s a twist towards the end that puts the series to rest in a good way. Sex And The City won’t win any Oscars this year, but it does turn out to be a good film to kick back and have some laughs with.

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