Sunday, October 19, 2008

SilverHawks: Season 1 Volume 1 (DVD)

SilverHawks: Season 1 Volume 1!!!

There was a time when a partly metal, partly real super-team battled evil across the galaxy. The time was the 80’s, and the team was the Silverhawks. One of the most popular shows in the 80's, Silverhawks was up there with "the giants" of the cartoon world. Cartoons like He-Man, Thundercats, and Silverhawks were massively popular with kids everywhere. By now, most of the big 80's cartoons have been released on DVD, except for Silverhawks. I'm happy to say that the wait is now over for all you Silverhawks fans. SilverHawks: Season 1 Volume 1 has just been released in a four-disc collector set that includes 32 exciting cartoons. This set is one that I have been anxiously waiting for. Other than the 32 awesome episodes the set comes with, there's the special feature called "Partly Metal, Partly Real." This feature takes you down memory lane with the creators of the show. If you ever wondered what it took to make the Silverhawks series, this should give you more than enough info. It's no wonder that this show was such a hit, especially since it was done by the same creative team that made Thundercats. Overall, SilverHawks: Season 1 Volume 1 is sure to bring out a sense of wonder for the audience that grew up on the show, and gain new fans at the same time.

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