Monday, October 06, 2008

Snow Angels (DVD)

I have a hard time with movies like this. It’s not because the acting is bad (it was great). It’s not because the story was lame (it wasn’t). It’s because movies like Snow Angels get me all worked up and can fuck up my entire day. The drama is so disturbing because of how realistic it is. The torn relationships and the tragedy that a family suffers here is hard for me to watch again. I can handle disturbing movies like A Clockwork Orange because it’s easy to disconnect from reality with a film like that. But Snow Angels? You feel like you’re a part of the small Pennsylvania town where the movie takes place, and it’s hard to not get affected. Watching the pain the characters experience can really give you heartburn. If you watch, get ready to cry, get angry, and be thankful your life isn’t like some of the characters here. It’s a very well done film, but one that’s hard to see multiple times.

Snow Angels is out now on DVD.

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