Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here’s where I show my ignorance.

I never knew the new film titled Race To Witch Mountain was based on an older set of Disney films. In the 70’s there were two “Witch Mountain” films. The first was Escape to Witch Mountain and then followed by the sequel Return From Witch Mountain. Disney has re-released these two magical films on a special DVD set. After seeing all the Harry Potter, Eragon, and every other “kid with special powers” type films, it’s hard for me to get impressed with much anymore. So I had to put myself in the mindset of how it must have been to watch these in the 1970’s. Minus the fact that they didn’t have the advantage of modern day special affects, these were definitely ahead of their time!

Tony and Tia are orphaned siblings with paranormal powers. In Escape to Witch Mountain, the siblings discover the origin of their powers while trying to get away from an evil millionaire who wants to use them for his own benefit. This is the first of the two films and it’s here where we see the twins exciting journey back to their home, Witch Mountain.

In Return From Witch Mountain, a much younger Christopher Lee (Count Dooku from Star Wars) and Bette Davis play a pair of criminal masterminds! This time, Tony and Tia are up against these criminals in this 1978 sequel to the original.

If you haven’t had the chance to see these, do check them out before watching the new one in theaters. Included on the DVD’s are lots of fun bonus features such as commentaries from the filmmakers and the original cast. Overall, these DVD’s are a great new addition to Disney’s large collection of home videos.

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