Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vampire Hunter D Vol. 2

I think if it came down to a fight between Blade and “D” from the Vampire Hunter D series, "D" would come out the winner. He makes it seem so easy in the way he can take down his enemies. In Vol. 2 of Digital Manga Publishing’s Vampire Hunter D books, we get to follow "D" on another adventure as he is faced with a different kind of enemy. This time, he’s called in to investigate a breed of vampire that can hunt during the daytime. With this new threat, the challenge is now greater than before with these daytime killers. After reading Vol. 1, I wasn’t sure if the following books in the series could keep up. Well, as much as Vol. 2 is different from the first one, it doesn’t disappoint at all. I thought the story was intriguing, especially as the story unfolded at the end. The illustration in this book is phenomenal too. I was very impressed with the way that this book really made me feel like I was watching a film. Yes, the art here is that good. However, there were some action scenes where the drawings were so chaotic that I couldn’t figure out what was going on. But those moments where rare and didn’t take away from the story at all. Overall, Vol. 2 is an awesome story that continues the great line of Vampire Hunter D stories. Now I can’t wait to get into Vol. 3.

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