Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wonder Woman the Animated Movie (DVD)

As soon as I hit play on my DVD player for the Wonder Woman Movie, I felt like I was drawn into a female version of 300! It was great! Swords were clashing, heads got cut off, and enemies and beasts were being destroyed. This is not the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman that I was used to as a kid! No, this animated film (which gained a PG-13 rating) shows a much fiercer warrior. This awesome film is filled with some cool Greek mythology references and TONS of action. It takes you to the beginning of Wonder Woman’s legendary story from the island of Themyscira then to the United States for an ultimate battle with Ares, the God Of War. When I was a kid, Wonder Woman could never come close to the other DC Comics superheroes. It must be a guy thing. But after seeing this modern take on the “World’s Greatest Super Heroine” my opinion of her quickly changed! For an animated film, this one (just like all the other DC Comics animated films) is exciting to watch. With a PG-13 rating, it’s obviously not a kiddie film. There is a lot of blood spilled and some really intense fighting scenes throughout. To sum it up, it’s an awesome superhero/action movie! Warner Bros. has set the standards high with their line of DC Comics movies. And Wonder Woman is the latest in this exciting collection of films.

Check it out!

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