Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doubt (DVD)

"I have... DOUBTS!"
- Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius

Anyone who already watched the film Doubt knows that infamous quote leading up to the ending credits. The few days after watching the movie on DVD, I would walk around my house randomly shouting out that line to give my wife a good laugh. The film however, is not as funny as my interpretation of Sister Aloysius. When a film is based on a priest being accused of child molestation, you won’t find much to laugh at. Now, where do I begin? First off, Doubt has some of the finest acting I’ve seen in a film all year. Streep’s performance of the rigid Sister Aloysius and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s falsely accused (or did he do it?) Father Flynn were both awesome roles. I also need to mention Amy Adams performance of Sister James. This na├»ve nun played an essential role in the film that can’t be set aside. The film itself raises a lot of questions and doubts in the viewer’s head, but provides very little answers. I thought about the film for a good day or so after watching, so it at least succeeded in being a thought provoking film. Along with the film, the DVD has some great extras including an insightful interview with the cast. Doubt is not a typical film by Hollywood’s standards. It doesn’t end the way you expect most films to, but it’ll sure shake up any assumptions you may have and leave you thinking about it after the credits roll.

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