Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Donald Miller - A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Donald Miller is back with a new book titled A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. For those of you familiar with Don, you’ll probably remember a little known book called Blue Like Jazz. This book is what thrusted Don into national spotlight as a bestselling author. Don’s unique writing style is one that brings the reader into the story rather than just being a spectator from the outside. His transparency makes you feel like you’ve known him personally for a while. In A Million Miles, his style hasn’t changed much, except for the fact that he seems a little more mature and wiser. You won’t find any stories about confessional booths on college campuses or penguin sex, but you will get inspired to really LIVE life to the fullest. To sum it up, Don takes the opportunity to edit his life just like a character in a movie. And he invites us to do the same. It’s hard to come away from a book like this and not see life differently. Having said that, I recommend this book to anyone who’s stuck in a rut. Scratch that. I recommend this book to everyone.

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