Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Proposal (DVD)

With romantic comedies, I’ve gotten to the point where I can predict what will happen at the end. It’s not some psychic power I have. It’s just that the movies are so predictable. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t enjoyable though. Take The Proposal for example. From the first time I saw the previews I already knew what to expect. But as predictable as it is, it is an entertaining film. Out on DVD, The Proposal stars Sandra Bullock as a bitchy boss in a book publishing company and Ryan Reynolds as her dutiful assistant. When she gets threatened with deportation because of an issue with immigration (she’s Canadian), she quickly thinks up a scheme by stating that she’s engaged to Reynolds. For the rest of the film they need to pretend they’re engaged, even going as far as visiting Reynolds’ family in Alaska! That’s when the film has its funniest moments. There are some pretty funny skits in The Proposal as well as some heartwarming moments, but it’s not unlike anything that’s been done before. However, this is a great “date film” to watch or if you’re in the mood for some quick laughs. Overall, it’s not the most original film, but it’s one that is sure to entertain.

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