Monday, October 12, 2009

Relient K

I had more appreciation for Relient K's music after seeing them live at the RevGen festival in NJ last month. Fans got their money's worth as the band put on a superb show, playing tracks from their first album up until now. After hearing how well they played live, I got interested in digging into some of their latest albums. The two that I wound up checking out were Five Score and Seven Years Ago and The Bird and the Bee Sides.

Starting with Five Score and Seven Years Ago, I must say this album is one that shows a much more mature band compared to their days of chanting "Sadie Hawkins". They still have their "tongue-in-cheek" style, but overall this album definitely shows their progression as a band to be taken seriously. From beginning to end, it's an album that you can play on repeat and be totally satisfied. The ending song Deathbed is an epic track that will bring you to tears, if you pay close attention. That was the song they finished their set with at RevGen and it was a very moving experience.

Next is The Bird and the Bee Sides. Released in 2008, this album is packed with all kinds of goodies for fans to indulge in. The band stretched their style a bit more here as there are songs containing country and ska influences. It's probably more enjoyable to listen to if you've followed the band for a while, especially since there are some rare tracks on here. Overall it’s an album that shows Relient K isn't destined to be a washed-up pop-punk band. These guys actually got skills!

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