Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skillet - Awake

Veteran hard rockers known as Skillet are out with a new album called Awake. Notice I used the word “veteran”, because well, they’ve been around the Christian rock scene for some time. However, recently they started getting more recognition in the music industry. I remember seeing them featured not too long ago for Awake in a Best Buy circular under the hot new acts section. It’s funny though because Skillet isn’t really a new act. Like I said, they’ve been around for some time. Well, I guess they’re new if you’re not too familiar with Christian rock. Anyway, if you never heard them, Awake is a great album to start with. I’d say if there’s an album that will thrust them into the limelight, this will be the one. Skillet is one of those bands who’s at their best when their rocking hard AND playing sweet ballads. It’s hard to pull off songs on both extremes like that, but Skillet does it quite well here. For example, one of the album’s harder tracks called Monster is trademark Skillet. It’s an aggressive song that deals the internal struggles that most of us can relate to. On the other hand there is the slower song Don't Wake Me, which is the perfect example of how they can pull off a nice ballad. Overall, this is an album worth checking out whether you’re a long time fan, or just finding out about Skillet.

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