Thursday, November 08, 2007

As the holidays are approaching, I'm reminded of why I love living in the NYC area. Apart from being the cultural mecca that it is, it's also one of the best places to be during the holidays. Sometimes I take it for granted since I practically lived here my whole life. Most people who are from the NYC area don't really "do" the tourist spots much. I even know people here who still haven't been to the Statue Of Liberty. Anyway, one thing that's awesome about NYC around the holidays is Rockefeller Center. Right next to the NBC studios, the tree at Rockefeller illuminates the center, and mobs of people try and get a glimpse of this massive attraction. It's cool to be among this crowd once in a while and just take in a breath of cold air while observing the scene.

As crazy as life was growing up, I have this memory of being taken as a kid to see Santa at Macy's. He definitely was better than the ones in the mall that had the beard you can pull off. No, this guy was the real deal. Anyway, with the weather getting colder and all the holiday buzz starting to fill the air, I was reminded of how I like the holidays around here, and the childlike feeling it brings.

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