Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Polysics Or Die!!!! Vista


As cynical as I am of Myspace and how trendy it seems, at least their record label has a potential gem on their hands. Introducing, the Polysics. Finally, a band that can take the craziness of Japanese culture, the style of certain 80’s artists (i.e. Devo, etc..), and the energy of Richard Simmons on speed, to create songs that give you a rare sonic experience. Mostly, the Japanese are known for their advanced technology, not really for cutting edge music. It’s rare that you see a Japanese artist break into the US music scene. But it would make sense if one did considering how influenced they are with American culture. Coming from Japan, the Polysics combine electronic, dance, rock, and any other audible noise that exists to make a deliciously catchy album. In most of the songs, they blurt out unintelligable phrases. Half the time I don’t know what they're saying, but who cares! This is not a band that provides philosophical wisdom in their music! Instead they make some real noise that appeals to the cynical American music afficianado that I am. Maybe we’ll start to see a trend in more out-of-the-box Japanese artists like this in the US.

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