Monday, November 26, 2007

The Painter (and his junk)

They cheered for the teacher
They cheered for the student
They cheered for the habitual sinners dressed in cheap denim
They cheered for the dancer, bouncer, and waitress too
And threw fake dollar bills on the table in the back

They opened their mouths to get a taste of fine liquor
And got the backwash of a mystery guest instead

And all they wanted was "The Dream"...

We chase cars to drive slower, and the toll booths are backed up...

Meanwhile we wait for... a story

The story of a painter
Who's a legend of old
Where he sells bits of wisdom, and junk...

Because in the wisdom lies junk, and in his junk lies wisdom...

1 comment:

amicatonic said...

life's full of contradictions, what can I say. by the way, do you get your ideas in the shower too, like Einstein admitted?