Wednesday, November 14, 2007


David Crowder Band

There's more to him then the beard... or the hair... or his keytar. DCB's music is unique in that it's blatantly spiritual, but minus the "cheesiness factor" that comes from other similar artists. This band actually works to create music that's out-of-the-box. And their latest album Remedy definitely shows the progression they've made. Never afraid to experiment in the area of sound, DCB find a great balance in electronic and guitar driven songs led by Dave's trademark vocals. Listen closely in certain songs and you'll hear a subtle "blip" here and there, as if you were playing some old-school Nintendo game. Something else worth mentioning is that Ted Nugent (The Motor City Madman) lends his guitar skills by tearing it up on the song "We Won't Be Quiet". This is a good album to start with for anyone not familiar with their sound.

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Anonymous said...

Saw him two weeks ago in Philly and he kicked!

In addition to the keytar, you can now add Playstation Guitar Hero controller to his arsenal... hilarious!