Monday, December 08, 2008

Fred Claus (DVD)

Fred Claus
Out now on DVD

Some holiday cheer from… Vince Vaughn??

Yep, that’s right. Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti star together in the holiday comedy Fred Claus. You probably never imagined Santa having a dysfunctional family, did you? And you probably never knew he had an older brother named Fred. Well neither did I! With Vaughn starring as Fred, and Giamatti as Santa, Fred Claus is not your typical holiday film. Even though it has Santa in it, the film is really about Fred. Growing up in a family where he was constantly compared to his “saintly” brother Nick has made Fred into a bitter man. Even though their relationship is strained, Fred has no shame in asking Santa if he can borrow $50,000 when he's in desperate need of some cash. Santa agrees, but only if Fred comes and works in his toy factory! When these two get together, it’s funny to see them bicker like kids. One part that stood out to me was when a snowball fight turned into a brawl between the two brothers. That was definitely one of the funniest scenes in the film. Another memorable scene is when Fred Claus attended a support group for "second rate" siblings. There he met the real life characters of Frank Stallone (Sly’s brother), Roger Clinton (brother of Bill), and Stephen Baldwin as they all shared their pain of growing up in the shadows of a famous brother! I know all of this sounds like the film’s such a downer. But if you just stay until the end, you’ll see there’s a heartwarming message there. Did you expect anything else from a holiday film?

For an out-of-the-box holiday film, this one is worth checking out…

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