Monday, December 01, 2008

Tropic Thunder (DVD)

There are more reasons to laugh your ass off at home now with Tropic Thunder out on DVD. This hilarious film by Ben Stiller is a must see. Not only did Ben star in it, but he directed it as well. Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black join Ben to form a comedy trio that made this one of the year’s funniest films. Downey proves once again why he’s among Hollywood’s best actors, as he pulled off playing an Australian and a black guy all in one film. Halfway through the movie, you’ll forget that he’s really a white dude! There are also cameos galore by some unlikely Hollywood stars. By far, the best surprise came from Tom Cruise in his role as Les Grossman. I never knew Tommy boy was capable of being so funny (except when he’s on Oprah or plugging Scientology in real life). He had me rolling with his portrayal of a selfish son -of-a-bitch movie producer. Overall, it’s a comedy that’s loaded with action and lots of shit blowing up. With a film like this, it pays to have the 2-disc set. The set has an outrageous version not seen in theaters. And the special features? Commentaries, interviews, deleted scenes, extended scenes, and an alternate ending are a sample of what’s included.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, Tom had one of the best roles along side Downey. The dirty pimp dance number a lot at the end of the movie was hilarious. I'm not so sure about Stiller's character though. Seems like his roles are getting a little tiring, dry and dumfounded a little too often.