Monday, August 10, 2009


I used to always think Green Lantern was a second-rate superhero. I admit that I was always into the more popular characters (Batman, Superman, etc). For me, Green Lantern always took a backseat to the other superheroes.

If you are like me, than the latest in the DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movies will change your mind. Green Lantern: First Flight is the fifth entry into this series, and it shows the story of how Hal Jordan got recruited to join the Green Lantern Corps. This is not really a kid movie, but it isn’t as bloody as the last Wonder Woman animated film. However, this new one has more than enough action from start to finish to "wow" anyone willing to watch. The story follows Hal as he adapts to his new job as a superhero. After becoming a part of the Green Lantern Corps, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens the order in the universe. The story and animation here are superb, and left me totally satisfied with this latest addition to DC Universe films. Overall, Green Lantern: First Flight is an awesome film and I definitely recommend checking it out.

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