Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Soloist (DVD)

There’s this reaction I have to inspirational movies. Although I do love how a good inspirational film can lift my spirits, part of me cringes on the inside. Maybe it’s because some are just so overloaded with a sugar-coated story. Well, I was looking forward to seeing Robert Downey Jr’s latest film The Soloist, but part of me also expected that mushy feeling to come along with it. Seeing the previews it’s obvious what kind of film this is. BUT! Watching the actual film was an experience that I won't forget. In short, I didn’t cringe at all watching The Soloist. The movie tells the story of Los Angeles Times writer Steve Lopez’s friendship with Nathaniel Ayers, a schizophrenic/homeless man living on the streets of LA. Ayers is also a former music prodigy that once trained at Julliard. While playing music on the streets one day, he is noticed by Lopez who soon wants to write about him. What starts as a project by Lopez turns into a deep friendship with Ayers. It really is an eye-opener to see it played out, with some really strong performances by Downey Jr and Foxx. Along with this gritty yet touching (but not sappy!) story, The Soloist is a solid film that I highly recommend.

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