Thursday, July 05, 2007

One Punk Under God

I've kept up with Revolution Church for over 2 years now. The first time I heard Jay Bakker (yes, Jim and Tammy Faye's son) share the message of grace, it was such a simple and radical message compared to what is heard in religious circles. I've been encouraged many times by his honesty and inclusiveness in accepting everyone from gays to street punks. Anyone who's familiar with Jay knows he's been through alot of shit from when his dad got locked up, and then getting hooked on drugs and alcohol. Last year I heard there was a documentary about Jay called One Punk Under God on the Sundance Channel. Well, since I don't get that channel at home, I didn't get to watch it until the DVD came out. Watching OPUG, you get a better understanding of this guy who went through hell to find God's love, and who now goes against religious barriers to share it with everyone. The documenatry follows Jay and Revolution Church from their days in Atlanta to their recent move to NYC. You are shown a guy who, rather than using the infamous names of his mom and dad for his own benefit, chooses to have church in a bar with people from all different walks of life. If you are skeptical about Jay and what he is doing, then check out this documentary. Viva la revolution!

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