Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joy Division (DVD)

Every band has a story to tell. From stories on how they got started, to touring and making albums, they all have something to share. A good documentary is one that deals strictly with the "flesh and bones" of the band, rather than focusing on what their favorite food is, or how many girls (or guys) they slept with. Speaking of good documentaries, The Weinstein Company and Genius Products have just released Joy Division on DVD. This DVD takes you back to Manchester, where this punk band started, and follows them as they turned into rock icons. The interviews with surviving band members, along with a multitude of photos and video clips show an inside look at the band's successes and tragedies (Ian Curtis's suicide). Along with all the in-depth interviews, the DVD does a great job paying homage to this influential band from England.

Joy Division is out today on DVD.

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