Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mama’s Boy (DVD)

Mama’s Boy

The premise of this film is pretty simple: A 29 year old guy who still lives at home with his mom feels threatened by her new relationship with a motivational speaker named Mert. Add in some goofy comedy and you have Mama’s Boy. This film is actually very funny. The 29 year old slacker (Jon Heder) goes back and forth between being extremely irritating and downright hilarious. It gets even funnier when he and Mert (Jeff Daniels) are in the same scene, especially when they are at “war” with each other later on in the film. They go to great lengths to humiliate each other by playing some hilarious pranks. Jeff Daniels shows once again that he fits right in when playing a moron in a comedy (like he did in Dumb and Dumber). Overall, if you’re in the mood to laugh hard while watching Jon Heder act like a real dumbass, then you’d probably dig this film.

Mama’s Boy is out now on DVD.

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