Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday The 13th IV, V, VI (DVD)

The legendary slasher series gets some more Deluxe DVD treatment...

Jason is making a comeback. With the popularity of the new movie putting Jason back in the limelight, now is the best time to revisit the original series. Fans of the Friday The 13th series will be happy to know that episodes IV, V, and VI are back, this time in new Deluxe Edition DVD’s. I grew up watching these cheesy but awesome films, so watching them again on these new DVD’s was a great experience. The picture and sound quality were both really good, considering how old these were. I can’t believe it’s been that long since they first came out! So we all know that these aren’t the best pieces of filmmaking, but you gotta give credit to its influence on the horror genre. Without Jason (or Freddie) would we have all the great horror films we have now? I think not. And these 3 episodes are some of the best from the entire Friday The 13th franchise. Part IV gives us the introduction of the character Tommy Jarvis, and it’s also where we see a very young Corey Feldman playing one of Jason’s toughest foes! This episode was a step up from the previous ones as far as film quality. I would even be tempted to say this one is the best, but that’s still up for grabs. But overall, these 3 new releases are a great batch of DVD’s that are LOADED with special features galore. Along with the films there are the obvious commentaries with directors and cast members, making-of featurettes, slashed scenes, and much more. Kudos to Paramount for bringing back the classic slasher films with these deluxe sets.

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