Friday, June 05, 2009

True Blood: The Complete First Season (DVD)

Naughty, naughty vampires down in Bon Temps...

I have always loved a good vampire story. I'd have to say they are my favorite fictional characters. From The Lost Boys to the Underworld series, there's nothing like a good vampire flick. Lately, vampires have become the “in” thing in books and movies. One of the premier shows involving the bloodsuckers is the HBO original series True Blood. This is not your typical vampire story though. This show takes place at a time when vampires are a part of regular society. With the creation of a synthetic blood, they no longer need to feed on humans. True Blood follows the lives of both humans and vampires in the town of Bon Temps, LA. I really got into the show after checking out the DVD set of The Complete First Season. This is a 5 disc set with 12 episodes of HBO’s highest-rated series of 2008. From the packaging to the content on the discs, this is one impressive DVD collection. The quality of the video and audio is clear and crisp, which makes for an awesome viewing experience. As far as special features go, there are Tru Blood Beverage Ads, Vampire Public Service Announcements, and even a documentary on Vampire life! I had high expectations for this set before it was released. Now that it’s out, I can say that it surpassed any expectations I had. Overall, it’s a high quality set for one of the hottest shows around.

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