Friday, June 26, 2009

Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases Volume 2 (DVD)

Don't you just love seeing the famous cat and mouse duo known as Tom and Jerry constantly beating the crap out of each other? I mean, let’s face it. The fun part of this cartoon is seeing how far these 2 crazy animals can go in getting even with each other. Almost always though, it’s Jerry on the winning side. Anyway, this hilarious cartoon has been making people laugh for a really long time. It’s safe to say that Tom and Jerry has its place in the list of America’s most loved cartoons. I grew up on this stuff and always got a kick out of seeing these two go at it. For any of you fans out there, a new DVD of this famous cartoon is out called Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases Volume 2. On it there are 14 shorts that originally came out between 1943 and 1951. How’s that for some classics! These shorts that were chosen for this DVD are an absolute riot to watch. I have to admit I had a little too much fun watching this DVD. It goes to show that even up until now, whether you’re young or old this show is still hilarious. And this DVD contains some of the very best from this classic cartoon.

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