Friday, May 09, 2008

Jars Of Clay - Greatest Hits

Jars Of Clay - Greatest Hits

I'm still confused why there was a need to release 2 greatest hits albums in less than a year. If you already own the 2-disc set The Essential Jars of Clay, then you have all the songs here, with the exception of Show You Love and Love Is The Protest. One of my complaints with the Essential CD is that it left off Show You Love. One benefit of this greatest hits release is that it contains this song. Also included here is a bonus track called Love Is The Protest. Nothing against their other hits here, but this was the highlight of the album for me. This song continues where their last album Good Monsters left off. It's a reminder that the old Jars Of Clay is gone, and has been replaced with a band that rocks out a lot more (and shows their love for 80's music too).

Here's the track list for Greatest Hits:

Love Song For A Savior
Like A Child
Worlds Apart
Crazy Times
Unforgetful You
I Need You
Show You Love
Amazing Grace
God Will Lift Up Your Head
Dead Man (Carry Me)
Love Is The Protest

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