Thursday, May 22, 2008

Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go

Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer...

Well Speed Racer finally came. This past month he arrived in theaters everywhere. Regardless of the film's success, the interest in the Speed Racer franchise has skyrocketed. Walk into any toy store and see tons of Speed Racer merchandise. Personally, I think even though some of the toys are cool, a lot of it is junk. There is one thing though that's been released that is worth getting. Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go, a 2-book collection of the original comics, is certainly not junk. Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) recently put out this hardcover set, with Speed on the cover of book 1, and Racer X on book 2. This set contains all the action you'd expect from creator Tatsuo Yoshida's popular series. Most of the pages are in black and white in each hardcover book, giving it a more authentic feel. There are plenty of stories here to get familiar with Speed and other characters like Trixie, Pops, and Racer X. And if you saw the movie, what better way to follow it up than by reading this complete collection in book form. And not only is it an awesome collection of stories, but the colorful art on the book covers make for a nice display in any home. I have mine sitting in my living room and my eyes are drawn to it whenever I walk by.

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