Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Untraceable (DVD)


When the terms "cat and mouse chase" and "serial killer" are used in the same sentence to describe a film, it's too easy to compare it to Silence of the Lambs. With the film Untraceable, I actually I found it closer to Saw than Silence of the Lambs. You've heard the premise before. Someone gets traumatized by a life situation, and seeks to teach some kind of "lesson" through murdering people. In this case, the murders are broadcasted live on a website where the more hits the site gets, the faster the victims die. And the "lesson" he's trying to teach? It's mostly about society's fascination with seeing people exploited for the sake of entertainment. To stop this killer, a tech savvy FBI team led by Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) step in to find the killer. The problem is that he's always one step ahead of them, since his website is "untraceable". When one of the killings gets personal to Jennifer, she needs to think really fast since her life is now at stake. This film reminds us that while the Internet can be used for doing wonderful things, there also is a dark side to that. Some sick shit can be done in the hands of the wrong person. Although the story is not the most original I've seen, I thought it was a decent thriller. Diane Lane pulled through in the main role playing an FBI agent who's also a single mom. And it's her character's fate that's in jeopardy at the climatic ending, when she winds up in the hands of the killer. The only question is how will she make it out alive, since the killer is untraceable?

Untraceable comes out on DVD May 13th.

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