Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Night Of The Living Dead 40th Anniversary Edition

Night Of The Living Dead 40th Anniversary Edition

The classic horror film Night Of The Living Dead was just brought back to life with a 40th Anniversary DVD released by Dimension Extreme. The flesh eating zombies that creeped people out 40 years ago are back and remastered on this special edition. After being bombarded with films like the Japanese horror and Saw series, you become numb to the effect that an older horror movie can give. If you saw the ones I mentioned, you pretty much have seen it all. But watching Night Of The Living Dead again, I realized that this horror film was way ahead of it's time. I assume it was probably scary as hell back in 1968 when it was released. And you know what? It still gave me a few chills while watching it again. The idea that some radiation was causing dead bodies to come back to life and eat humans is disturbing. And disturbing is the exact feeling this film gives as you watch the zombies trying to get the people trapped inside a home. With a chilling story and some really haunting sound effects, Night Of The Living Dead is still one of the most important horror films ever made.

Special features included on the DVD are:

- Audio Commentary by Writer/Director George A. Romero, Producer/Actor Karl Hardman,
Actress Marilyn Eastman and Writer John A. Russo
- Audio Commentary by Producer Russel W. Streiner, Production Manager Vince Survinski,

Judith O’Dea, Actor Bill Hinzman, Actress Kyra Schon and Actor Keith Wayne
- One For The Fire: The Legacy of Night Of The Living Dead
- Duane Jones” Final Interview
- Speak To The Dead
- Night Of The Living Dead Trailer
- Still Gallery

- Original Script DVD-ROM

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