Monday, April 21, 2008

3 Pigs And A Baby

It's pretty cool when you can take old stories and put a twist on them, without trashing the original. In an attempt to do just that, the Jim Henson Company is releasing the "Unstable Fables" series. The latest one is 3 Pigs And A Baby. Until now, I only associated Jim Henson with the Muppets. So, I was a little confused when I saw the Henson logo on a CGI animated film. After watching 3 Pigs And A Baby, I was surprised when it turned out to be a funny and witty animated film! With Brad Garrett, Jon Cryer, and Steve Zahn providing the voices for the 3 pigs, this film has enough humor to appeal to both kids and adults. 3 Pigs And A Baby takes the fable "Three Little Pigs" and turns it into a modern story similar to 3 Men And A Baby (remember that?). Just like the fable, the wolves can't break into the pigs' home. So they devise a plan to drop a baby wolf on their doorstop, which the pigs will eventually raise as their own child. Once the baby is grown up, he'll fulfill is duty as a loyal wolf and let the others in to feast on the pigs. But, things don't go quite as planned when the wolf grows up thinking he's a pig. By the time he becomes a teenager, he rebels against his 3 dads and finds himself in the hands of the wolves. Then, he is unknowingly set up to finish the wolves' plan. However, once he figures out what's really going on, what will he do? Will he choose to help the 3 pigs who raised him, or the wolves? The ending will surprise you as it answers these questions. Overall, this animated comedy is sure to produce a lot of laughs among its viewers.

3 Pigs And A Baby is out now on DVD.

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