Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Upright Citizens Brigade – ASSSSCAT! (DVD)

It's funny! It's spontaneous! It's ASSSSCAT!

You're probably wondering, what's ASSSSCAT? Well, ASSSSCAT is an improv comedy show performed by the Upright Citizens Brigade. The "UCB" includes members such as Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live), Ian Roberts (Talledega Nights), and Matt Besser (Reno 911). This team performs unrehearsed skits in front of live audiences. The concept for ASSSSCAT is quite simple. An audience member shouts out any topic, and the Brigade has to do a skit related to it. Totally unrestrained, this comedy team feeds off each other to carry out the act, and keep the crowd laughing. Now, with ASSSSCAT released on DVD by Shout! Factory, the audience for the improv show extends to the homes of its viewers. Included on the DVD are skits related to Medicinal Marijuana and someone having a Divorce Party. And on this DVD, you get to see for yourself if these performers known as the Upright Citizens Brigade have true comedic talent as they try and pull off ASSSSCAT.

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