Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Am Legend

I Am Legend

The Last Man On Earth Is Not Alone...

From the time that line was shown in trailers leading up to the release date of the film, I Am Legend was one of the most anticipated movies all year. I was among the many who couldn't wait to see it. My excitement was also combined with a cynicism of Will Smith's acting, based on his previous roles. For some reason, I still always see him as the Fresh Prince. Even in his more serious roles, I find myself expecting him to deliver some sort of a punchline to get the audience laughing. That was before I saw I Am Legend. After watching it, my impression of Will Smith as the Fresh Prince quickly vanished. In my opinion, his portrayal of Robert Neville was the best acting he's ever done.

Now, this post-apocalyptic thriller has finally hit the DVD shelves. And it was definitely worth the wait.

Immune to a virus that seemingly wipes out humanity, Robert Neville is the only survivor in NYC, and maybe the world. But, like the title says, he is not alone. Neville and his dog Sam are surrounded by the infected, who are people that carry this virus that turned them into vampire-like beings. Unable to come out in the daylight, they prowl the city at night. While trying to stay alive despite being outnumbered by the ravenous infected beings, Neville works in his basement to find a cure for the virus. With his time only limited to being out in the day, he searches the city for animals to run his experiments on. The way they pulled off creating a barren NYC in the film was amazing. As barren as the city is, so is Neville's spirit. The effects of being isolated for 3 years brings him to the point where he resorts to talking to mannequins for company. And this is where Will Smith shines in this role. You really sympathize with his character as he conveys the pain and loneliness that Neville has to go through.

Included in the special edition DVD version is an alternate ending. For everyone I know that has whined about the original ending, this version should put a smile on their face. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll be shocked as you see how this one ends. It replaces the original ending with a much more hopeful one. Personally, I still don't know which one I prefer. But it's great to have this awesome DVD version to see the characters' fates drastically change with two different endings.

I Am Legend is out now on DVD.

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