Thursday, April 17, 2008

a'tris - Lensing


It used to be that the popular bands out of Boston were New Edition and NKOTB. Those times have certainly changed. Lately there have been some quality alternative rock bands from the Boston area, such as State Radio, and now a'tris. a'tris is more than just a band with a catchy name that's spelled in all lowercase letters. Their latest album Lensing shows off the diverse skills this band possesses. Led by frontman Mason Taylor's ethereal vocals and tight keyboard playing, Lensing is loaded with experimental sounds that would make some veteran bands envious. The particular tracks that stood out to me were Paradise Is A Boxcar, Selling Oxygen, and Automatic Doors. Overall, Lensing is an album that puts a'tris in a category of bands to keep an eye on.

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