Friday, April 11, 2008

Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors Volume One

With nostalgic fever rising everywhere, Shout! Factory has added to it by releasing Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors Volume One on DVD. From the first note of the show's theme song, you are immediately transported back to the 80's with this cartoon adventure. If you were a fan of the show, you will have plenty of time to relive those memories with this set. There are 4 discs worth of episodes to indulge in! In the show, Jayce (and his rockin' mullet) takes you on adventure after adventure as he searches for his missing father. Along the way, Jayce and his Lightning League find themselves up against an evil mutant league called the Monster Minds. With their high-tech machinery, the Lightning League heroically battles the Monster Minds as they seek to find Jayce’s dad, and combine two halves of a magic Root amulet. This magic Root amulet has the capability to destroy the evil army. Obviously, the Monster Minds won't go down without a fight. So Jayce and his crew have their work cut out for them along their quest. To sum it up, Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors is a cartoon that effectively combines fantasy with futuristic action to appeal to both younger and older generations.

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