Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder: John, Paul, Tom And Ringo

John Lennon, who was quite an intriguing artist, conducted his final TV interview with Tom Snyder in 1975. When Lennon was shot in 1980, Tom re-aired this interview in remembrance of him. In the interview, they covered topics like why the Beatles broke up, John's "shocking" actions (the nude album cover with Yoko), and thoughts about life and music in general. Out now on DVD is The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder: John, Paul, Tom And Ringo, which showcases that same interview, along with additional interviews with Ringo and Paul. I just finished it and found the interview to be quite interesting, as well as Tom Snyder's shaggy hairdo! I don't personally remember John's assassination since I was a toddler when it happened. But growing up as a music lover, I had tremendous respect for him and The Beatles. As with any other misunderstood artist, there are a lot of things that the press will say that paints a false picture of an artist. But when you hear the stories straight from the artist's mouth, you realize how far off the media is in their "facts" on someone's life. That was the case with John. Watching the DVD, Tom asked John some hard hitting questions that definitely cleared up some "controversies" that surrounded him. And I thought that Tom conducted the interview like a real professional. The questions he asked didn't seem like he was trying to get some shock value added to the show. Instead, he appeared interested in understanding John. The answers that Lennon gave are as relevant today for any artist as they were back then. Since this was aired right after he was killed, you really felt the somber mood as the show went on. As I was saying earlier, I was too young to experience how it felt when Lennon died, but this DVD had me feeling like I was there on that sad day. Overall, this is an enlightening DVD, whether you're a Beatles fan or not.

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