Monday, April 14, 2008

Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem (DVD)

Considering that this film has been bashed by a lot of critics, I will try and be as fair as possible here. After I watched Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem on DVD, I was curious what others had to say. Let's just say the results were not in the film's favor. Despite what most people have said about this film, what you expect from it will determine if it's "good" or not. If you go in expecting an Oscar worthy film, you'll be let down. If you're in the mood for a Sci-Fi/Horror film that doesn't tone down the gore, you might be satisfied. The gory scenes are a little more intense than some other traditional Sci-Fi movies. You have to admit, the idea of Predator and Aliens battling it out sounds like a cool concept. Now, take that battle to earth, and all hell breaks loose. It's bad enough dealing with just one of these things. Now, it's Predator AND Aliens causing much havoc. After being sabotaged by an alien, a Predator spaceship crashes into a Colorado town. The alien that attacked the ship is no ordinary alien though. It is a hybrid of an alien and a Predator, which is known as a Predalien. Before the Predator pilot of the ship was killed, he sent out a distress signal out, which was picked up by another Predator. This one that got the signal packs up and heads to earth to clean up this alien mess. After the aliens start wiping out the poor humans and begin breeding, you'd think the arrival of Predator is in favor of the humans. That is until he skins a man alive! Between these two forces, there really is no good vs. evil. The Aliens are wiping out the humans, and even though the Predator is hunting Aliens, he will kill any human who gets in his way. All of this drama leads up to a final confrontation between Predator and the Predalien. Two vicious beings going at it blow-for-blow. As far as the special effects, they are much more advanced than the previous Alien/Predator films. As much as you can find problems with the story, you can do the same for most other films as well, if you look hard enough. Even though this film wasn't what a lot of people expected it to be, I thought it was better than what some made it out to be.

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