Thursday, February 26, 2009

The All New Super Friends Hour: Season One Volume One and Two (DVD)

Wonder Twin powers, activate!

I can't tell you how many times I heard that line when I was younger. Some of my favorite memories as a kid include watching some great cartoons. One of those shows was The All New Super Friends Hour. This show starred the heroes from the Justice League along with Zan and Jayna (the Wonder Twins). Each episode was packed with adventures where the heroes fought to protect our world. Along with the adventures there were these safety lessons for kids and a part where you had to decode a secret word. After a really long wait, Warner Home Video has finally brought this classic series to DVD. Volumes One and Two of Season One are out and they're an awesome set to own. Both sets contain 2 discs with 28 cartoons on Volume One and 32 cartoons on Volume Two. They're perfect for the people that grew up on this show since there are hours of episodes to indulge in. And for the ones who never got to watch it, these collections are a great introduction to this extremely fun series.

Wonder Twin powers, deactivate!

(After a few episodes, that line will get stuck in your head. Trust me.)

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