Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Switchfoot - The Best Yet

Switchfoot has always been a band that’s worked hard to move beyond stereotypes and just create good music. Whether it’s the “Christian band” label or something else being slapped on them, their music always speaks for itself. Whenever a new album of theirs is released, you know you’re about to hear something fresh from these guys. To get a taste of some of their best tracks, look no further than The Best Yet. This album doesn’t cover all of their best songs, but it has just enough to satisfy any fan out there. I was disappointed to see that “We Are One Tonight” was left off. That was definitely one that I thought would be included. Other than that, this greatest hits compilation pretty much has most of the essentials from this innovative band.

Track list for The Best Yet:

Dare You To Move
Meant To Live
Oh! Gravity
This Is Home
Learning To Breathe
This Is Your Life
On Fire
Only Hope
Dirty Second Hands
Love Is The Movement
Company Car
Lonely Nation
The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
Concrete Girl
The Beautiful Letdown

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