Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What better way to plug a book than have Stephen King call it "The best graphic novel I’ve ever read."

I admire King's work a lot, so to hear a statement like that come from him made me extremely curious about Y: The Last Man. However, I didn't want to be swayed just because of a great writer's opinion. It was time to crack open the book to see for myself!

After the first few pages I felt as if I was watching a thriller. The events that unfolded within those pages led up to a sudden destruction of all male species on the planet. I suddenly realized I was in for one hell of a story. Y: The Last Man explores what the world would be like if all men were gone. However, it doesn’t stop there. In comes a twist in the story when you find out one man named Yorick is still alive. Now there are more questions raised. How the hell did he survive? And how is he going to stay alive when there are militant feminists out there that want him dead? I still haven’t gotten the answers even after reading Vertigo's awesome deluxe edition of book one. But I do know that once book two is released, I’ll be all over it. For a graphic novel, I haven’t found many that can live up to this one. So I guess you could say Mr. King’s statement wasn’t all hype.

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