Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Naked Gun - I Love the 80's (DVD)

Long live the 80's!

If you love the 80’s, you probably remember that this decade brought us some of the most memorable music and movies ever. When I think back to films that came out during that decade, I can’t help but remember The Naked Gun. This hilarious film starred Leslie Nielson in his unforgettable role as Detective Frank Drebin, and a supporting cast that included Priscilla Presley and a "pre-murder trial" O.J. Simpson. Who can forget such classic moments such as Frank Drebin’s infamous “peeing scene” or O.J. tumbling down the steps in a wheelchair? To remember this great film, Paramount Home Entertainment has released it under its I Love the 80’s Collection. The film itself would have been enough, but they also include a bonus CD containing four songs from some of the 80’s best bands (Echo & the Bunnymen, Erasure, INXS, and A-Ha). Overall, this DVD is a great collectible for any fan of the decade that brought lots of big hair, stone washed jeans, and some awesome movies!

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