Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mirrors (DVD)

One of the scariest movies of the year is out NOW on DVD.

I have to admit. After being disappointed with a lot of horror films over the past few years I didn't think this one was going to be that good. For one, I wasn't sure how Kiefer Sutherland would do in carrying a movie like this as the main actor. I mean, he is the right guy for the role of Jack Bauer in 24. And who can forget his legendary role in The Lost Boys? However, I just wasn't sure about this one.

Now, since I am writing this AFTER watching the film I now know how wrong my assumptions were. I am glad I was wrong, because if I was right then that would have meant the movie sucked which would have been a total waste of time for me. Well it wasn't a waste of time and the movie did have some real eerie moments, even for a guy like me who has been watching scary films since he was young.

Mirrors is about a disgraced former cop (Sutherland) who takes a job as a security guard at the burned down Mayflower department store in NYC. During his nightly routines of checking the building he finds there's something evil, something demonic about the mirrors. He then gets haunted in the Mayflower by gruesome visions and strange noises. As he tries to figure just what the hell is going on, he finds that his life is in danger and those close to him start to get terrorized by the evil force behind all of this. He suddenly finds a connection between a girl who was demon possessed a long time ago and what's been going on at the Mayflower. Now he's on a race against time to find out how to put an end to all of this. As you can see, Mirrors has a strong influence from films such as The Exorcist and The Shining. And if you are going to make a scary film, those would probably be the top 2 to draw inspiration from. Besides being a horror movie, Mirrors is also about a guy who is doing everything he can to put his life back together. Kiefer gets credit for a great performance of a guy who started out in the film with his life falling apart to becoming a hero that's willing to sacrifice everything to protect his family.

On the DVD, the unrated version of the film is included and it's promoted as being "too terrifying for theaters". It does have quite a few "terrifying" moments in it and the ending is pretty shocking. Overall, I'd have to say I was very satisfied with this film. It's not the scariest movie ever, but you could tell the filmmakers aimed high in making a damn creepy film. And they succeeded in doing just that...

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